Well I was trying to post once a week on this sinkhole stuff, but anyone who is a spoonie gets it. If you aren't a spoonie you can look up spoon theory or wait for me to post it here maybe next week?? maybe not depends on how many spoons I have left that day.

BTW tomorrow I am having a bronchoscopy done and right after that picc line inserted. Sinkholes and hospitals, this girl knows how to have fun doesn't she??

So back to sinkhole from 2 weeks ago. It was pretty uneventful in the end besides one of their machines blowing up and spewing hydraulic fluid all over the side of the house and grass.

Ok not a great pic, its a bigger area than it looks like but I didnt feel like stepping on morning wet grass in bare feet. Some of the cracks are worse. Some are new.

That was the end of the cement grouting. They filled what was the deepest 100 feet up to 15 feet under the house.

A couple days later that little outhouse was gone. I was told it would be 2 weeks to a month before the chemical grouting began.

Yesterday the chemical grouting began. They usually use some sort of stuff that gets shot into the ground and is like that great stuff you get in a can to fill in small gaps in the wall where air is coming in like around light switches. They decided that wasnt good enough this time and are using some 2 part liquid that will fill in around the sand and make it like cement. The supervisor is supposed to get me the name of it, if he does I will let ya know. Anyhow they work from 15 feet down and work their way up to the foundation one foot at a time.

The nasty looking stuff in the bucket is the stuff they are pumping into the ground. The tubing this time is less than an inch. so you really dont see any thing like you did with the cement. The holes they made for the cement are 4.5 inches. Today they will be working in the garage, lets see what happens in there.


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