for beaded native american items you should look at beadedart
the man does wonderful things with beads... earrings, sun catchers, cellphone charms, pendants.

he also does custom work so if you want something different just convo him.

who doesnt love pancakes??? i know i love them. if you love them too you will love the yummy goodness that is plushoff of course you cant eat them cuz they are fleece but plushoff is making it fun to play with food!!

Those who love fantasy art will love the etsy shop of natalyasots There isnt one piece in the shop that I can say i wouldnt want that in my house. Teacups, teapots, bowls, plates and bells to name a few items.

Ummm my favorite??? It would have to be this whole shop!!!

have i ever said how much i like glass, art glass , hand blown items, pendants.
i just wish i could afford some of it. so instead i will sit and drool and show off another of my favorite art glass sellers on etsy.

todays seller is HLHglass
her nite sky pendant was one i had seen in chat(gotta love the red room)

looking thru the shop i found jelly the fish looooooooook at this pendant

art glass body jewelry whoda thunk it

Chat on etsy is an awful lot of fun. Meet new people see lots of new items you wouldnt have otherwise seen. Todays item is from Shade Jewelry

His one of a kind titanium jewelery is like nothing I have ever seen before. Wedding sets , engagement rings just beautiful workmanship.

One of my favorites is the Titanium Ring Band Blue and Purple Pinstripe Design pictured below

For awesome felt and fleece hand made food for play or show check out GoBuggy

My favorite item of GoBuggys is the gyoza in a steamer, mmmm how i do love gyoza!!