Well here is an item I ordered on etsy for my son, made by tinaseamonster
my son saw her shirts and had wanted one to wear when he deejays, now he can.
I ordered late and thanks to Tinas fast shipping it was here for christmas!
She also packed some extra goodies in my package, what fun it was to see her items up close and personal!!
Thanks Tina!!!
Another Excellent Etsy Seller!!!

Todays highlight is hand painted goodies by JuJu Designs Her hand painted baby items are original and adorable, almost makes me want to find a baby to put these items on!!!

Baby shoes of all types.

Clothing for boys and girls.

Todays item of the day is hand dipped incense by mizombie With 70 different scents and sample packs you can always find what you want in this shop. If you dont see it in the shop send a convo.

Todays item of the day is something that I have personally used.By Pegasus Handmade Soaps, its her Shea Butter Vegan Lip Balms. They dont melt coming thru the mail to Florida.
They taste yummylicious!!! My favorites are the chocolate and the banana!!
Michelle is a great seller to deal with and she ships very fast!

who needs a rocking horse when you can have a ROCKING DRAGON!! for the child with fanciful dreams! The adult who wishes they could live in another time and place?
this one of a kind is hand made by Procyonidae

well today i couldnt find just one item from the shop i picked. i would like to have it all, i am sure you would also!!
the shop i am talking about is magickalrealism

Magickal Realism Natural Perfumery: the Temple of Fumes

You have your choice of 62 samplers like the creativity sampler

aromatherapy such as Rub Me All Over Massage Oil

there are many fine products in this shop.
hope you enjoy browsing and shopping with magickalrealism

Item of the day today is by covertocover
He makes journals out of album covers and sleeves for the journals out of the actual album. My personal fav is the one made out of the poison album.

Take a look thru the shop. Heart things you like, buy what you love!

Todays item of the day comes from fioretta designs I think of her shop as simple elegance. Simple, clear, elegant.

She makes custom birth announcements as well as holiday cards. I am sure she would be up to any custom card task you could find for her.

Hmmm seems I already missed a day on my item of the day. slacking I suppose.

Todays item comes from artisanimpact
these guys have awesome hand crafted jewelry in their shop. I am not a fan of trendy jewelry sparkly bling costume jewelry, you wont find any of that in this shop. It was hard for me to pick just one item from this shop.

I love rose gold , I loooooooooove opals.

This one is on my wish list for sure!!
Get yourself a cup of tea and browse this shop you will be amazed at the workmanship of the items.

Item of the day december 10 is from PhriendlyK8 Its her Magical Mermaid Dress
Who doesnt want to live in a fantasy world for a bit. If this one isnt your size you can convo her to see if she can make one custom for you.

There is so much to love on etsy. There are so many great artisans and crafters there that never get seen.

So I have decided to do an item of the day. Every day show off an item from one persons shop that has given me permission to use their images and link to their shop.

Todays item of the day is from ascrappydesign
I think her sleigh ride card is adorable as is the rest of her shop. Who doesnt like handmade cards.


How will santa get in the house????

With a magic key of course.
I dont usually get too excited about embroidery designs but....
I saw this design at embroidery garden and had to have it. It stitches out really well. Doesnt take forever to do the 2 pieces.
The item is sold using embroidery gardens permission to sell the finished product.
Thread colors can be changed to your choice of color.
All items I put here in my blog are available at my etsy shop. www.auntifranni.etsy.com

Well its been a month since I last posted. Its been getting busy between craft fairs (2 failures) leaving items at the quilt shop and etsy.
Today I finally got around to making something different, well not totally they are still candycane holders but different shapes. A cat, pig and monkey. I think the piggy is the cutest.

Rob came in tonite and asked do you really make money selling those things????
Would I be wasting my time making them if I didnt?????????? MEN!!

craft fair

the craft fair was a bust. average age of the people that came in was about 70. i think they came in for the churches cheap lunch!! i sold a golf towel and an eyeglass case and that was it so after paying for lunch and my table i came away with 0.00!
here are a couple items that i had taken with me. will post pix of onesies that i did for the fair later.


it has been quite a week or so.
my machine started shredding thread as i am getting ready for a craft fair.
so while in the quilt shop the owners husband says he does tuneups. so i said ok
and brought it in on thursday last week.

get it home friday no time to stitch, saturday we go house hunting, sunday we clean up get ready for the week and i do a little stitching and the tension is off. shut it down thinking maybe its me and monday its doing the same thing and the more i try to do things on it the worse it gets. so back to the quilt shop with the machine and samples of whats going on.

we decide to call randy the local repair guy and that is the last i have heard about my machine. today is friday.... tomorrow is craft fair.....

what i did was go to walmart and buy their cheesy brother embroidery machine, its way slower and only does a small size but it got out of a jam. 2 days steady sewing and i am nearly ready for the craft fair. not all the items i wanted to take but some.

today after my drs appt i will stitch a couple waterbottle can and coffee koozies for samples and then finish pricing everything.

wish me luck for tomorrow and for getting my machine back!!!

its over

Well the wait is finally over. For those of you who have asked for a strap for your water bottle I have finally made them. They can be made in the ribbon of your choice, or poly webbing which is much stronger, that comes in dark green ,navy, white and black. 3.00 plus shipping.


I just saw that i have 300 hearts this week so i am going to have a 10% off sale Now thru friday the 31st at midnite 10% off every thing in my shop. please put 300 hearts in notes to buyer and wait for a revised invoice


I went to the quilt shop to check what was on sale ..... everything 30% off!
while there i spoke to colleen the owner. she really liked the water bottle koozies and said i could put my items in there as she doesnt have much in the way of gifts.. anyone have any ideas for quilty themes to put on the koozies???

Coffee koozies

Go green, buy a reusable coffee sleeve for your go cup!! lol

Colors available now are 1 each of neon blue , fuschia, crimson , light pink, yellow, brown and neon green. Other colors can be ordered off the color the color chart , it does take an extra week for delivery on the ones i have to order.

order done

took 2 days hard work , 2 trips to joanns and michaels but its finally done. never again will i take big order like this so close to the date it has to be shipped.

my order

showed up today, yahooooooooooooooo

so in 3 hours i monogrammed 22 can koozies and one coffee koozie.

what a relief. tomorrow i can put the ribbon on and stitch up the sides and have this order hopefully shipped tomorrow afternoon.

nic of course isnt packing ... why would you want to pack? you are only moving out in 2 days and have to work tomorrow. makes sense to me.

some new koozie pix from over the weekend, yeah of course i need better pix on some of them . i cant sell licensed designs they are only for personal use. sorry.


saturday came and went no koozies , i am gonna be sick if they dont show up on monday. i hate last minute rush jobs!


Today I got an order for 22 custom drink koozies. Have to wait for the blanks to come in so that I can get started. Bought some ribbon for them today just to be ready. Hopefully they will be here Saturday or Monday. Sure hope so the order has to go out by Thursday the latest because she needs them by the 20th. Dont have any time to work on it on Wednesday because Nicole is moving into her new apartment that day. More on that another time!

august heat

well the heat right now is a killer 90 plus degrees every day.
doesnt leave much room for motivation at all, stitching or blogging.

I did an order for someone for 2 chapstick cases and another order for a purse flap with the persons etsy name on it.
need something new to make for the shop but not really feeling it. dont know what to make.

the koozie order has taken a week now, way too long. but then there will be new things to make, got some long neck beer bottle koozies and coffee cup koozies.


well today was a wipe out.

went with nicole to get her hair dyed , took almost 3 hours.
her hair was a mess, it turned red and brassy from the last dye.
so a color remover, color , 2 toners and she is now more strawberry
blonde than blonde but she will live, at least she isnt brass!!

then was the deli for lunch meat cuz they are cheaper than the food store.

then the food store for bread to go with the lunch meat.

home to make dinner and then walgreens to get my ink cartridge refilled. it works so if anyone is wondering if its worth it go for it. 10.00 for black refill.

came home and printed directions for rob for his job interview tomorrow. wish us luck!!


Well up till this past weekend I had been a major slacker.

I did get busy tho and post new items to my shop.
I also finally did hand towels for my nephews.

A couple of the new keychains.
Remember to convo or email me for any ideas for items you may have that arent in my shop.

Its saturday

Well I never got back here yesterday I was so busy.... I did get to make 3 candycane holder mice. They came out so cute.

Today my parents are here mom needs a baby gift so I am working on a baby blanket for her. Pix to come.


ok feeling better today will post anything i make later.


today i feel crummy. trying to get up energy to do some stitching.
think i will go out and read for a bit. bbl