Jo and I have been friends for about 18 years, she says 17, whatever its a long time. We met in a Prodigy chat room for quilters. She taught me most of what I know about quilting online and in the mail, sending me blocks to see how things are done. She has alot of patience this woman. She didn't only teach me about quilting she taught me about friendship, how to be a good mom and hopefully someday how to be a wonderful grandma like she is to her 3 boys.

Jo always amazes me with the quilts she makes, and how many she can make a year. Its amazing.

This slide show snitched off her blog shows some of her quilts and the hand stitching she puts into them.

I was always kind of jealous of her kids she is always doing something for someone and well I havent ever had anything anyone made for me, my mom knitted and crocheted and I guess she thought since I made lots of things myself if I wanted it for me or my kids I could make it myself. I am rambling back to the reason for this post.

I got a box in the mail from Jo about a week or so after my 50th birthday, with the most wonderful surprise in it.

A QUILT just for me, made by the best friend in the world. Hand quilted by Jo. What an amazing piece of love she made me. (just so you know the quilt holder upper wasn't very cooperative. I will get a better picture another time.)

Thank you Jo for my quilt and for being my best friend.

Changes in the garden

This was the garden 6 months after moving in. lots of work and I never really paid attention to it till this year.
A couple months ago...

but i kept on changing and adding...

and taking out and adding...

this was last week.

Wordless Wednesday

Baby quilt, when will it happen??

About a year ago Cindy of Sew Happy Designs asked me to make some embroidered blocks for her to turn into a baby quilt. I said yes then bought the designs she asked for.

She chose the Ocean Creatures from Smart Needle Embroidery

Cute HUH?? Well this week she finally mailed me the fabrics she wants me to use for the blocks.

Are we taking bets?? Someone should :D You all know me, the queen of procrastination.

Wordless Wednesday

Time to start posting again now that things have calmed down.

Today is all about puppy love.