Well I found a new way to sell around the web its called cartfly. Lets see if it works here. If it does like it should I can update daily.
wuhoo lucky you all!

Woot!! It does seem to work. This is an extention of my etsy shop so if you have any questions or feel better about shopping thru etsy.... I do like etsy better because of the ability to change shipping prices. I put shipping here at a flat rate of 1.00 but that doesnt really work for everything.

What I do like about this is the ability to use the same paypal as always.

Let me know what you all think!!

Last week when Jen from Made by Moms posted on her blog about all her new items she had gotten, I got really excited as I had also bought a custom coaster from Nothinglikeit.

Well my glow in the dark Sadie the Cow is awesome, the only problem being is its daytime so checking out the glow in the darkness has to wait till tonite. Along with Sadie, Robin put in Lazy Lemon, one of her Atomic Veggies. How flipping cute!!!

I say get to her shop http://nothinglikeit.etsy.com and order yours soon because come the holidays I think she will be way too busy to accomodate everyone!!