How will santa get in the house????

With a magic key of course.
I dont usually get too excited about embroidery designs but....
I saw this design at embroidery garden and had to have it. It stitches out really well. Doesnt take forever to do the 2 pieces.
The item is sold using embroidery gardens permission to sell the finished product.
Thread colors can be changed to your choice of color.
All items I put here in my blog are available at my etsy shop.

Well its been a month since I last posted. Its been getting busy between craft fairs (2 failures) leaving items at the quilt shop and etsy.
Today I finally got around to making something different, well not totally they are still candycane holders but different shapes. A cat, pig and monkey. I think the piggy is the cutest.

Rob came in tonite and asked do you really make money selling those things????
Would I be wasting my time making them if I didnt?????????? MEN!!