I was featured!!

I got an email over at Artfire this morning saying that one of my items was featured in an online magazine article.

Its a little tiny patch but it does get alot of attention.

Thank you Rouxbee

48 for Larry!!! 48 for Larry!!!! 48 For Larry!!!!! 48 For Larry!!!!!! 48 for Larry!!!!!!!

Yep that's right 48 for Larry is happening this WEEK!!! Go on over to www.blockheadradiolive.com and check it out!!!
As of today 11 pages of goodies are up for the silent auction!!!
Rod at Blockhead Radio has been working like a mad man to get the auction pages, so go on over and thank him!
Don't forget to give DeDe a HUGE thanks for getting this whole thing started and planning everything!!! Thank you DeDe and everyone else that's been a part of this HUGE event!!!

Copied with permission of Skyline Candle Company

48 for Larry

Larry Hamm over at Chelsea Lynn Designs on Artfire is a friend of many in the world of handmade, he is also the voice of The Crazy Train on Blockhead Radio. Larry has a fantastic wife Janet, and an 8 year old son Jacob who live with him in Lansing, NC deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Larry is a friend to everyone and just an all around swell guy. He is most definitely the "shirt off your back" kind of friend. Right now, all of Larry´s friends and Blockhead Radio are teaming up to help him out in a tough time.
The Hamm's

Larry is a disabled diabetic who currently has lost his health insurance. His medication alone monthly is over $2,000. Larry is not receiving disability, he has not been approved yet. His wife is the only source of income and she doesn´t make enough to cover his medications. Larry´s doctors have given him an outlook of only 18 months to live if he doesn´t receive a $17,000 gastric bypass surgery as soon as possible. Larry and his family need all the help from their family and friends they can get! Jacob and Janet need Larry to hang around here with them as long as he possibly can! All of his friends surely want Larry to stick around too!

All of us at Blockhead Radio are gearing up for the biggest Radiothon you´ll ever be a part of! July 24th at 6pm until July 26th at 6pm, Blockhead Rod will be live on the radio for 48 hours straight raising money for our friend Larry. A silent auction of donated handmade goods will also be going up on the home page of Blockhead Radio with 100% of the proceeds going to Larry.

If you would like to be a part of this wonderful event, please email DeDe Sorensen at: 48forlarry@blockheadradio.com Please donate any handmade items you can for the silent auction have your emails in with your donations by July 22nd. If you would like to donate cash for Larry’s prescriptions and surgery please visit Blockhead Radio July 24th through July 26th. There will be plenty of ways to get your donations in.

Keep listening to Blockhead Radio for fantastic indie music, and how you can help Larry Hamm of Chelsea Lynn Designs.

Copied with permission from Blockheadradio.

Artfire contest

Well the contest is over. I didn't win. Sorta. I came in second place. Sorta.

I was in Blockheadradio chat listening to the Inside Handmade radio show with John and Tony from Artfire, learning about SMO (social media optimization) and minding my own business.

WHEN Kevin from Artfire private messaged me.

He wanted to let me know that Cher , the winner of the contest had wanted to give me the third shopping spree as a runner up in the contest. How cool is that?? What a sweet person she is.

So everyone get over to her shop JewelryByCher , check her out, tell your friends about her beautiful handmade items.

So because of Cher, I ended up a winner. Thank you Cher!

Thank you to all of my friends who voted up my comment! You are all the best!