Have a Heart Fund Raiser Quilt

My best friend Jo at Pieceful Afternoon is in need of a little help from her friends. Her husband is scheduled for open heart surgery which will be performed in September. Their co-pay amounts to $25,000!!!! In an effort to raise funds she is offering to give away a beautiful hand pieced/machine quilted Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. You can just leave a comment and be entered into the drawing or to increase your changes, a free will donation would be accepted. You could also put a blurb on your blog for additional chances.

Click on the title above to read all the details on this wonderful quilt.

A bit about my friend Jo. She is one of the most giving and caring people I know.
Teaching me to quilt online and by long distance mail. We met in the prodigy chat rooms probably 15 years ago.
She has been there for me more than my mother ever was, she was willing to fly out and help me when I was sick and in the hospital always calling to check on me. I love her like a big sister.
So anything I can do to help her get this together help her and her darling husband I will.
Thanks for everyones help.

Found out what it is

The bug I have in the yard finally has a name. I really appreciate the people who have tried to help us find out. The Tampa bay news paper had an article on it.

Its called a Jadera Bug

Totally harmless little critter. It feeds on the seeds of the Golden Rain Tree.