Baby Quilt

I finally am getting started on the baby quilt for the new grandnephew born in December.
Here are the embroidered blocks so far


Hey does anyone know what kind of bug this is?
Its really bothering Rob they are all over the outside of the house.

Its mighty cold!

Well its mighty cold here in west central Florida. Went to bed it was 25 degrees woke up to 22 and now its 21.

The only one that seems to like it is mister fuzzy butt he wont come in the house.


Well this week Niamh at Urban threads out did herself again.
So many wonderful designs so little time!

My fav this week was the yarn skully patch. Guess I have a thing for skullies...
I did one up in lavendar and put it in my artfire shop.

With in an hour I had sold a custom order for 4 of them. Red, lavendar, neon green and neon pink. Will post pix as soon as I can take them.

So now that I have a bit of time I will show you the before and after pix for the kitchen, remember this was a forclosure not in terrible shape but eh! The vinyl flooring was ripped pretty bad in some places.

Here is a pic of the floor in front of the stove before

After is 18 inch ceramic tile, love it love it!!! Along with my new nifty stove that Rob picked out himself. Lots of bells and whistles on this baby!!!

Well all I have to say is thank goodness 2008 is gone!!!
It wasn't a very good year, it did end good enough tho we moved into a new house 2 days before Christmas.

It looks kinda yucky now grass does die back for the winter in Florida you know.
Its a 3 bedroom 2 bath with a 2 car garage. Nice fenced yard for the rocketman.

More pix of the house as I edit them. The house was a forclosure so it needed some work before we could move in. Lots of changes happened in the couple days between closing and moving, tile and carpet were installed. A wall was torn down and put back up. Painting and appliance delivery.

My new years resolution this year is to blog more often , haha more than every 6 weeks anyhow, going to try and make it a weekly thing. If I shoot for daily I know I will crash and burn.

Hope everyone had a good holiday!!!

Hugs for now!