Now is the time to shop at two Etsy shops - my friend JoAnn and I are offering free shipping from Black Friday to Cyber Monday - on all purchases. That is Nov. 28-Dec. 1

JoAnn has got a got a great selection of pincushions, angels (just right for packages or ornaments), mesh zipper bags and more - happy shopping - and FREE SHIPPING at both shops.

Thanks for stopping by - we really appreciate it!!!

Well artfire has a new promotion. 7 a month for life no other fees, once you are signed up you get 10 people to sign up for a verified account under you and your account is free. Here is my link so you can sign up under me, once I have my 10 I will help anyone who wants out with getting theirs

Register on

Well I added another place to sell in addition to etsy.
Its called 7.00 a month listing fees no other fees for life if you are one of the first 5000 to sign up.

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

My daughter is trying to win a scholarship for her artwork
You can vote up to 3 times daily. The voting goes till dec 29 and then if she is in the top 20 she can go on to the next round

Well I found a new way to sell around the web its called cartfly. Lets see if it works here. If it does like it should I can update daily.
wuhoo lucky you all!

Woot!! It does seem to work. This is an extention of my etsy shop so if you have any questions or feel better about shopping thru etsy.... I do like etsy better because of the ability to change shipping prices. I put shipping here at a flat rate of 1.00 but that doesnt really work for everything.

What I do like about this is the ability to use the same paypal as always.

Let me know what you all think!!

Last week when Jen from Made by Moms posted on her blog about all her new items she had gotten, I got really excited as I had also bought a custom coaster from Nothinglikeit.

Well my glow in the dark Sadie the Cow is awesome, the only problem being is its daytime so checking out the glow in the darkness has to wait till tonite. Along with Sadie, Robin put in Lazy Lemon, one of her Atomic Veggies. How flipping cute!!!

I say get to her shop and order yours soon because come the holidays I think she will be way too busy to accomodate everyone!!

Well its been forever since I have posted. We are in our rental, looking for a new to us smaller than we had mortgage on a decent house.

I have been doing lots of stitching check out my flickr

well we found a house to rent. its nearly the size of this one, 3 bedrooms 2 baths living room, family room, 2 car garage, half acre lot, only thing missing is a pool.

so now the big crush comes to pack and move in by next week. we set the move in date for july 25th. we will start moving items into the pod we rented and have thta delivered probably the monday after we move in. closing on the house here is july 31.

my embroidery items will be moved by me in my truck i am not packing them up. have to get the cable turned on and electric in our name. they will prolly want a deposit because we will have electric in 2 places at one time.

cable and internet oh yeah i need that on fast!!! cant live without lol.

well its 2 1/2 months since i have felt like blogging.
dh started his new job as a corrections assistant and this week he started in the academy to become a corrections officer. Its a 4 month school where at this point it feels to him like boot came from when he was in the marine corps, but at 52 its much tougher.
Monday was the first day, pulled calf muscle. Tuesday was sore knees with a planned trip to the store to get some bengay or something the next morning. The hours really suck its from 1pm to 10pm so that really gives you no time to do a thing, since its about a 45 min drive.

OH HEY DID I MENTION WE SOLD THE HOUSE??? Guess who gets to do all the packing and looking for a new house while the man is going to school. I think we are both too old for this. I think we will rent for a couple months so that we can take our time looking for a new house to buy.

Doing embroidery is getting pushed to the side I have taken the most time consuming items out if my shop until we are moved. I did happen to purchase a new christmas ornament from Criswell.

Its available in 2 color ways as shown on this page on Criswells site if anyone would like any of the other designs done they can contact me at my shop and I will see about purchasing the other designs and making them up for you.

Well i want to thank everyone for their good thoughts and wishes. Rob starts a new job Monday so keep all your collective fingers crossed that it goes well. Crappy pay but no gas costs really as its about 4 miles away thats gotta count for something right?

We also changed his shop its now RobsDoodles too many people were asking for graphic design work which he doesnt do.

Some of his new work.

well its almost 2 months since dh lost his job. we may have something in the works keep your fingers crossed for us!! thank you all for your kind wishes!!!!!!!!

back to blogging about some of my favorite etsy sellers

today is mzkitchen her shop is devoted to mainly vendor aprons with pockets and zippers to keep your money in. some have a hook on them to hold your keys. she and i could work together if you would like to put some embroidery on the apron for you. (shop name?)

well its been a crappy month since i posted last.
rob lost his job and well just havent felt like posting or doing much of anything at all.
the house has been for sale since oct no nibbles but then it is florida......

on the plus side dh being home i bullied him into drawing again soon i will get the paints out. he really is a great artist just has no motivation....

i put a couple of the aceos up in my shop hopefully he will do more for me to list.
then maybe i can start his shop up.

for beaded native american items you should look at beadedart
the man does wonderful things with beads... earrings, sun catchers, cellphone charms, pendants.

he also does custom work so if you want something different just convo him.

who doesnt love pancakes??? i know i love them. if you love them too you will love the yummy goodness that is plushoff of course you cant eat them cuz they are fleece but plushoff is making it fun to play with food!!

Those who love fantasy art will love the etsy shop of natalyasots There isnt one piece in the shop that I can say i wouldnt want that in my house. Teacups, teapots, bowls, plates and bells to name a few items.

Ummm my favorite??? It would have to be this whole shop!!!

have i ever said how much i like glass, art glass , hand blown items, pendants.
i just wish i could afford some of it. so instead i will sit and drool and show off another of my favorite art glass sellers on etsy.

todays seller is HLHglass
her nite sky pendant was one i had seen in chat(gotta love the red room)

looking thru the shop i found jelly the fish looooooooook at this pendant

art glass body jewelry whoda thunk it

Chat on etsy is an awful lot of fun. Meet new people see lots of new items you wouldnt have otherwise seen. Todays item is from Shade Jewelry

His one of a kind titanium jewelery is like nothing I have ever seen before. Wedding sets , engagement rings just beautiful workmanship.

One of my favorites is the Titanium Ring Band Blue and Purple Pinstripe Design pictured below

For awesome felt and fleece hand made food for play or show check out GoBuggy

My favorite item of GoBuggys is the gyoza in a steamer, mmmm how i do love gyoza!!

have fun with the members of fest

if there is one thing i love its art glass , all kinds all shapes. here is a new to me etsy seller all i can say is wow his pendants are great. the shop is hagstromartglass
i think the one i like best is the jelly fish pendant

p.s. happy new year!!