What a mess!!

I haven't been in the mood to post in so very long. Its hard to be happy and crafty when you are feeling like crud. For those of you who don't know me well I have Common Variable Immunodeficiency, it is a primary immune disease I was born with. Your b cells are few and don't function well. You have problems fighting off bacterial infections. So you get antibody replacement. I get mine weekly. But anyhow before this was diagnosed I had a lot of bronchitis and pneumonia, which created bronchiectasis in my lungs. This was all diagnosed when I was 17 but treatment didn't begin until I was 24.

Just about 2 years ago I started working in a small insurance agency. Not too much people contact which works for my health. Running the office and filing and stuff like that. The first year I think I did very well but then my health started tanking. I stopped stitching, sewing, embroidering, playing with the dogs.

I finally lost that job due to my declining health (I was too stupid(determined)not to give up). That was early January. It took some ranting from my lung dr. to get me back on track with meds and sleep and such and finally last month I started to feel better. I mean seriously better.

I have reopened my online shops, haven't really stocked them there is a group that buys felties from me that keeps me quite busy. I have been doing some custom work when people ask. I restarted working on my hexies for my someday grandmothers flower garden quilt. Saving so that I can hopefully get to New Hampshire this summer to see my baby girl who moved there in November for an awesome job at Dartmouth. This is the only good pic I have of the 2 of us its from 2010. I really miss her soooooooooooo much. Hopefully my run on imitating an healthy person keeps up and I can start stitching embroidering and blogging even more. (I have already started playing with the dogs more)