Nothing new but I forgot there was!!

Well there is nothing new in the sinkhole fix up. The adjustor for the insurance company was out 2 weeks ago, said it would be at least 3 weeks before we would see his estimate.

I had a sinkhole renovation company come out they gave me their estimate. They don't seem very reliable, told me a few fibs about things that could get fixed so I think I will join Angies list and see what I can find there.

This whole process is right now at about 2.5 years, much too long and drawn out. Once we get an estimate who knows how long it will take for them to do repairs.

I just finished a huge embroidery order and am now trying to get motivated to do some holiday stitching for the family. It isn't happening. :(

OOOHHHHH yeah, I forgot to tell you that my precious Nicole, her boyfriend Matt and their cat Knobby moved to New Hampshire because Nicole was offered a great job at Dartmouth College. Isn't my Nicoley beautiful?? The beard on Matt was a dare she said he couldnt keep a beard for a month. I am gonna miss these 2 soooooooo much.  Time to start saving for a trip up north.