Sinkhole day 2

Well the garden is more trashed than I imagined it would be... :( They said where they were going with the drilling machine but they ended up taking out(squashing) the whole back row of black eyed susans.

Rob was home and he took out most of what I wanted saved. Wish they told me about those black eyed susans
Drilling point by the front door
Master bedroom side
and the front.
Day 1 before drilling
Day 2 after drilling. I think it looks a bit worse. but then so does every other crack that was there and there are lots more new ones.
I think its kind of neat how they went thru the cement and pulled out a solid piece of the cement

Day 3 starts pouring cement into those drilling points lets see what happens in the way of damage from that....


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wow -huge job. So sorry about the Black Eyed Susans - it is never neat when work has to be done on a house.

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