well we found a house to rent. its nearly the size of this one, 3 bedrooms 2 baths living room, family room, 2 car garage, half acre lot, only thing missing is a pool.

so now the big crush comes to pack and move in by next week. we set the move in date for july 25th. we will start moving items into the pod we rented and have thta delivered probably the monday after we move in. closing on the house here is july 31.

my embroidery items will be moved by me in my truck i am not packing them up. have to get the cable turned on and electric in our name. they will prolly want a deposit because we will have electric in 2 places at one time.

cable and internet oh yeah i need that on fast!!! cant live without lol.


QueenofQueens said...

Having moved recently, I feel your pain. Ugh. I hope all went smoothly and you're snug in the new place!


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