well its 2 1/2 months since i have felt like blogging.
dh started his new job as a corrections assistant and this week he started in the academy to become a corrections officer. Its a 4 month school where at this point it feels to him like boot came from when he was in the marine corps, but at 52 its much tougher.
Monday was the first day, pulled calf muscle. Tuesday was sore knees with a planned trip to the store to get some bengay or something the next morning. The hours really suck its from 1pm to 10pm so that really gives you no time to do a thing, since its about a 45 min drive.

OH HEY DID I MENTION WE SOLD THE HOUSE??? Guess who gets to do all the packing and looking for a new house while the man is going to school. I think we are both too old for this. I think we will rent for a couple months so that we can take our time looking for a new house to buy.

Doing embroidery is getting pushed to the side I have taken the most time consuming items out if my shop until we are moved. I did happen to purchase a new christmas ornament from Criswell.

Its available in 2 color ways as shown on this page on Criswells site if anyone would like any of the other designs done they can contact me at my shop and I will see about purchasing the other designs and making them up for you.


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