Smelly Rhino Studio

Its been a while since I have felt like blogging. Last week I was talking to a friend and looking thru her shop and fell in love with her work. How come sometimes you just dont see things the first hundred times you go thru the shops?

Rebecca Salcedo of Smelly Rhino Studio is a folksy artist who does pet portraits, aceos, prints and giclees.

Want something special made up, just ask she has no problem doing custom work for anyone of anything any time.

You can find her work at

Follow her work on her blog

Read a funny interview that Christy DeKoning did with her.

If nothing else, enjoy her work, its pretty amazing!


smellyrhinostudio said...

Thanks Fran for the unexpected surprise! I have enjoyed my last year and a half learning how to run a business online, and meeting the most wonderful people along the way! -my new global family! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and my shop is always open! I'll leave an energy saving light on for ya!

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