48 for Larry!!! 48 for Larry!!!! 48 For Larry!!!!! 48 For Larry!!!!!! 48 for Larry!!!!!!!

Yep that's right 48 for Larry is happening this WEEK!!! Go on over to www.blockheadradiolive.com and check it out!!!
As of today 11 pages of goodies are up for the silent auction!!!
Rod at Blockhead Radio has been working like a mad man to get the auction pages, so go on over and thank him!
Don't forget to give DeDe a HUGE thanks for getting this whole thing started and planning everything!!! Thank you DeDe and everyone else that's been a part of this HUGE event!!!

Copied with permission of Skyline Candle Company


Piecefulafternoon said...

Can't wait - there are some fun things - I'll have to bid on a few that I really like. A good cause, that's for sure.

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