it has been quite a week or so.
my machine started shredding thread as i am getting ready for a craft fair.
so while in the quilt shop the owners husband says he does tuneups. so i said ok
and brought it in on thursday last week.

get it home friday no time to stitch, saturday we go house hunting, sunday we clean up get ready for the week and i do a little stitching and the tension is off. shut it down thinking maybe its me and monday its doing the same thing and the more i try to do things on it the worse it gets. so back to the quilt shop with the machine and samples of whats going on.

we decide to call randy the local repair guy and that is the last i have heard about my machine. today is friday.... tomorrow is craft fair.....

what i did was go to walmart and buy their cheesy brother embroidery machine, its way slower and only does a small size but it got out of a jam. 2 days steady sewing and i am nearly ready for the craft fair. not all the items i wanted to take but some.

today after my drs appt i will stitch a couple waterbottle can and coffee koozies for samples and then finish pricing everything.

wish me luck for tomorrow and for getting my machine back!!!


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